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Karen is a Total Body Reflexologist, Soft Tissue Massage specialist, a Tai Massage practicioner (Master Nuad Boran), Tok Sen and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Karen has always had an interest in health, movement and rehabilitation since she was a teenager. Her treatments are based on the connection between body, mind and spirit. She has been a dancer, worked in occupational health and is a yoga therapist who incorporates Indigenous and traditional medicine knowledge passed down from her elders and teachers.  She has worked in palliative care, reproductive health, and rehabilitation and relaxation therapies. Karen works with all forms of life, the elite athletes, performers, pre/ post- natal, children and seniors treating all body systems. With Reflexology and Massage, Karen balances, stabilizes, stretches and then strengthens the body by removing chronic pain, improving mobility & function while reducing stress that is "stuck" in the fascia and nervous system. Karen is a friendly, grounding and compassionate person who is dedicated to help each person she meets. You will be extremely calm and relaxed during a reflexology or massage treatment.

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