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Mud packing is a traditional approach to restoring damaged tissues that have experienced injury or trauma. The mud packs pull out toxins that have accumulated in the body such as heavy metals, radiation and infections. This buildup of toxins creates a blockage in the flow of bio-energy. When the flow of energy is blocked, illness and disease can occur. These blockages are known as Interference Fields (IFs). IFs can cause chronic pain and discomfort throughout the body, hormonal imbalances, headaches, chronic fatigue, and dysfunction in many of the organs. Throughout this treatment, therapeutic clay is used to restore balance to the body by unblocking IFs. The clays are rich in detoxifying agents and negatively charged ions that are able to remove disruptions throughout the body’s meridian points and alleviate discomfort associated with blockages along these points. The effects of mud packing can often be experienced directly after receiving a treatment. The number of treatments vary from person to person depending on how many IFs one has.

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